Haus Coin is disrupting the global real estate industry with the Blockchain-based ecosystem for low-cost housing

Builders (both commercial and residential)

Business to Business (B2B’s)

Individual (Business to Customer or B2C’s)

Larger construction groups/government bodies

Green sustainable homes


Haus Coin is a project that leverages blockchain technology to provide effective, low-cost solutions to the challenges that consumers and investors face in the global real estate industry today by creating a vast network of connections spanning the entirety of the industry. We are on a mission to transform the global real-estate industry by creating a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem that allows anybody from anywhere in the world to participate in this industry and access low-cost housing solutions without the need for a third party. Haus Coin will be disruptive and evolutionary to blockchain in real estate and provide a force to assist with the backlog of housing and provide help for the world community.

It is a platform driven by convenience, abundant information and solid trust. Haus Coin’s decentralized peer-to-peer network allows any two parties to transact business directly without the need for a third party. With Haus Coin, anybody from any part of the world can purchase
ownership rights to real estate assets (or certain portions of said assets)
for personal use and even sell for profit at a later date.



Q1 2020

Idea design and architecture for HAUS Coin

Q1 2020

Proof-of-concept of the idea White paper completion Strategic plan

Q1 2020
Platform Development

Platform design and Technical demonstration January/February 2022 Website live

Q1 2022
February 2022

Pre seed round

Q1 2022
March 2022

Seed Round

Q1 2022
March 2022

Acquirement of all patents

Q1 2022
March/April 2022

Begin working on VR NFT platform

Q2 2022
April 2022

Targeted Marketing Campaign

Q2 2022
April 2022

Whitelisting for IDO on Launchpad

Q2 2022
May 2022

Launchpad IDO make it a requirement that users have to interact with our webpage in order to farm

Q2 2022
June 2022

Liquidity Pools opened and farming campaign initiated

Q2 2022
June 2022

Platform testing & Implementation to Users

Q2 2022
June 2022

Working prototype of VR NFT platform

Q3 2022
July 2022

Launch IEO or Public sale ICO

Q3 2022
July 2022

3D VR NFT platform live on Oculus Quest VR

Q3 2022
August 2022

Automated Production Machine Line design start

Q3 2022
August 2022

QR/Barcoding Technology Q4 2022 Mobile app development

Q4 2022
November 2022

Joint venture land with Government/ purchase 2 blocks for Prototype build, submit plans to council for approval

Q1 2023
March 2023

Completion of Automated machine

Q1 2023
March/April 2023

Testing of machine process

Q2 2023
June 2023

Machines delivery to Australia

Q3 2023
July 2023

Machine commissioning

Q3 2023
August 2023

Programme and design 2 house Prototype

Q3 2023
August-October 2023

Build first trial prototype between 180m2 and 240m2, Iron out processes, enable QR technology, Build second house with Government invites and selective community, Invite media



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Two Pager

Investor Pitch


GREEN umbrella refers to structure, practises and materials used to make it responsible for sustainability. Haus Coin will be one of the first blockchain based energy paying platforms. Combining Solar energy paid Kw/hr usages and sustainable built homes. You will own a piece of all this sustainable energy assisted by the Haus Token (HUC). As far as Haus Coin building materials go, the housing structures have combined use of Steel, Polyurethane foam, Fiberglass and solar.

FIBERGLASS is more sustainable than concrete, iron and steel. It is highly waterproof and it is a natural choice if you are seeking energy efficient, green sustainable solutions. Fiberglass is one of the most common thermal break insulation materials used today so by using fiberglass as a skin covering the steel bracing inbuilt the Haus Coin panel will not conduct heat. Therefore there will be no heat transfer which will prevent cracking and it will be sealed from water so will be no rusting

Shelter Relief
Local Housing
Security, Safety
Well Being, Hospital Construction
Unity, Energy
Sustainable Building Process
Sustainable materials , Environmentally friendly
Load bearing , Cyclone , Water resistance
Decrease carbon footprint , Low maintenance , Weather resistance
Lightweight to high strenght ratio , Codemark capable , High thermals
70% Faster construction method , Cost saving , Less labour

POLYURETHANE FOAM is based on a substance derived from oil which is a finite resource but its properties make it a sustainable product. It has great thermal insulating properties, highly resistant to water absorption and has high mechanical strengths when density is increased.

SOLAR ENERGY is a source of renewable and sustainable energy. It doesn’t use finite fossil fuels and doesn’t emit greenhouse gases when producing energy. In the fight against the backlog of houses Haus Coin will use the houses as farms of off-grid power and this will fast track habitual living standards to provide homes sooner. There will be other sources of energy hubs Haus Coin will be designing.

STEEL is one of the most sustainable and most recycled product in the world.


For decentralized initiatives like Haus Coin, uniqueness is a goal to offer customers what nobody offers. Haus Coin’s goal is to collaborate with a QR/barcode-generating solution providers to give solutions to customers who want maximum security and ultimate confidence since QR/barcodes are very difficult to tamper with. While the barcode holds information horizontally, the QR code does so both horizontally and vertically. This enables the QR code to hold over a hundred times more information. There are bars and spaces in a QR/barcode, which is a machine-readable representation of digits and letters. It is possible to eliminate the necessity for certification end dates on physical certificates by incorporating QR/barcodes into paper certificates and workplace badges.. These bars and spaces may be read with the application of a QR/barcode scanner. The QR/barcodes will be used to store information, including house plans, designs, and title deeds. Information will be easy to store. In simpler terms, houses sold on the Haus Coin platform will have unique QR/barcodes that have all the details. To access the details of your home, you will need to simply scan your QR/barcode and all relevant information will be scanned. You can also decide to update the information instantly. When you sell your home to another person, the information and deeds automatically change.



The Haus Coin project keys into this trend by offering its users immutable, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that serve as digital representations of ownership over their assets. By providing users definitive digital models of their assets, Haus Coin future-proofs the functionality of our platform.


We will also leverage smart contracts to create an in-house automated payment processing system. We will break building projects down into milestones that we will incorporate in smart contracts with this system. Once a milestone is reached, it is automatically marked as complete, the smart contract is executed, and the payment is made automatically.

Haus Coin is a Real-Estate Cryptocurrency!!#HausCoin#Crypto

Success in real estate starts when you believe you are worthy of it | Haus Coin


Below we’ve provided a bit of Haus Coin, HUC Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Haus Coin is an ecosystem that will be fuelled by the HUC token. The HUC token represents a tradable asset or utility that can be used to purchase designed homes on the platform. It allows the holder to use it for investment

You can use ETH.

In future we are working on a solution to buy the HUC token directly using Fiat

Benefits you get from the platform is to be able to design an affordable home. We will have a designer online with rough templates. By choosing the Haus Coin ecosystem you are using a sustainable building method. When design is finalised it will then be manufactured and sent to site anywhere in the world. For the unbanked the platform allows you to use your cryptocurrency and not have to worry about a bank and purchase and own your own home and have digitised ownership deeds.